Acting Reels
Drama Reel 2021
Comedy Reel 2021
Roles & Sources:
  1. Milly, from the period drama "The Wings of the Dove" (Miramax,1997)

  2. Anna, a Russian young mom in the drama "pulled from darkness".

  3. Annie Blair, from the comedy "Bitch"

  4. Ava, in the paranormal thriller "Nighthawk"

  5. Carla Renzi, Italian police officer in the procedural "Law and Order"

  6. Victoria, an addict.

  7. Dr. Julia Harris, a compassionate doctor in the romance "Fragile Heart".

  8. Gwen, love interest in the horror "Nightcrawlers".

  9. Muriel, a woman whose her mental health begins deteriorating in the psychological thriller "Sting".